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TKG-PRO GINRIN High-Carbon Stainless Japanese Chef's Deba Knife 165mm

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[General Features]
TKG is one of the excellent and popular brand for professional use by Endo, one of the excellent kitchen knife manufacturers in Niigata, Japan.
This TKG-Pro "GINGIN" is one of the high class knife series with stainless handles, whose blade never compromise with the sharpness as TKG does the other series.
The blade is made of fine Molybdenum and Vanadium special steel "IK-6" supplied by Daido Steel Co., Ltd. The material are superior to durability, corrosion resistance, hardness and fracture toughness. This means the sharpness lasts longer and hard to chip compared to any other mono-layer kitchen knives.
The edge is finished single-edge shape, which we cannot do on multi-layered knives. This makes the cutting efficiency better in heavy use for your work.

Moisture-resistant grip is designed for long-time comfort and better control to resist slip with water or oil. Integrated handle of stainless steel with "Hand-fitting pattern" is quite sanitary, easy for sterilizing bacteria by hot water.
It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs.


[Product details]
- Blade Steel Type: IK-6 high carbon stainless steel by Daido Steel Co., Ltd
- Blade Edge : Single edged for right-handed
- Handle Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN


Item No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
ED-ATK-96-210Yanagiba(Sashimi)210mm (8.3in.)400mm (15.7in.)123gSingle edged
ED-ATK-96-240Yanagiba(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)410mm (16.1in.)150gSingle edged
ED-ATK-96-270Yanagiba(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)410mm (16.1in.)160gSingle edged
ED-ATK-97-150Deba Knife150mm (5.9in.)290mm (11.4in.)230gSingle edged
ED-ATK-97-165Deba Knife165mm (6.5in.)310mm (12.2in.)250gSingle edged
ED-ATK-97-180Deba Knife180mm (7.1in.)320mm (12.6in.)265gSingle edged
ED-ATK-98-105Aji-Kiri120mm (4.7in.)220mm (8.7in.)121gSingle edged
ED-ATK-98-120Aji-Kiri150mm (5.9in.)230mm (9.1in.)126gSingle edged
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TKG-PRO GINRIN High-Carbon Stainless Japanese Chef's Deba Knife 165mm


(You save $35.00 )