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Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel Japanese Chef's Yanagiba(Sashimi) 300mm

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[General Features]
Sakai Takayuki Knives has been cultivated through a long 600-year history by skilled craftsmen in Sakai.

The Aoko or Blue Paper (Aogami) No.2 Steel Knife is made from famous Yasugi steel, known as prime high carbon steel, specifically developed for tools and knives.
Its blade is made through Honyaki process, so the edge gets very hard and retains its sharpness for a long time.
The honyaki knives cannot be mass-produced and expensive, compared to other types of knives.
They are primarily for professional chefs and are the highest quality traditional Japanese knives.

Speaking to the Ebony Wood handle, the Japanese-Style Octagonal figure fits better comfortably to your hand.

[Product details]
- Blade Steel Type: High Carbon Steel [Aoko or Blue Paper (Aogami) 2 steel], Honyaki processed
- Blade Surface: Mirror Finished
- Blade Edge : Single-Edged for right handed persons
- Handle Material : Japanese-Style Octagonal Ebony Wood
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN

*** Please be noted that it may take a few months to restock if the item should not be available, because this series is made-to-order by skilled blacksmiths.

Item No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
ST-00304Yanagiba(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)415mm (16.3in.)228gSingle edged
ST-00305Yanagiba(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)450mm (17.7in.)245gSingle edged
ST-00306Yanagiba(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)485mm (19.1in.)310gSingle edged
ST-00307Yanagiba(Sashimi)360mm (14.2in.)520mm (20.5in.)353gSingle edged
ST-00313Fuguhiki(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)380mm (15.0in.)113gSingle edged
ST-00314Fuguhiki(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)415mm (16.3in.)150gSingle edged
ST-00315Fuguhiki(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)450mm (17.7in.)161gSingle edged
ST-00316Fuguhiki(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)485mm (19.1in.)204gSingle edged
ST-00335Deba Knife150mm (5.9in.)285mm (11.2in.)247gSingle edged
ST-00336Deba Knife165mm (6.5in.)310mm (12.2in.)318gSingle edged
ST-00337Deba Knife180mm (7.1in.)330mm (13.0in.)375gSingle edged
ST-00338Deba Knife195mm (7.7in.)345mm (13.6in.)392gSingle edged
ST-00339Deba Knife210mm (8.3in.)365mm (14.4in.)458gSingle edged
ST-00340Deba Knife225mm (8.9in.)385mm (15.2in.)535gSingle edged
ST-00341Deba Knife240mm (9.4in.)405mm (15.9in.)682gSingle edged
ST-00353Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)180mm (7.1in.)310mm (12.2in.)190gSingle edged
ST-00354Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)195mm (7.7in.)335mm (13.2in.)242gSingle edged
ST-00355Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)210mm (8.3in.)350mm (13.8in.)258gSingle edged
ST-00356Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)225mm (8.9in.)365mm (14.4in.)280gSingle edged
ST-00357Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)240mm (9.4in.)385mm (15.2in.)352gSingle edged
ST-00363Usuba(Vegetable)180mm (7.1in.)315mm (12.4in.)190gSingle edged
ST-00364Usuba(Vegetable)195mm (7.7in.)335mm (13.2in.)207gSingle edged
ST-00365Usuba(Vegetable)210mm (8.3in.)350mm (13.8in.)233gSingle edged
ST-00366Usuba(Vegetable)225mm (8.9in.)375mm (14.8in.)255gSingle edged
ST-00367Usuba(Vegetable)240mm (9.4in.)390mm (15.4in.)322gSingle edged
ST-00397Peeling Knife180mm (7.1in.)310mm (12.2in.)190gSingle edged
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Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel Japanese Chef's Yanagiba(Sashimi) 300mm

Sakai Takayuki

(You save $337.00 )