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[General Features]
For your loved one or important person (sometimes may be yourself), you can add the personalized NAME on the surface of your ordered knife.
Your special knife is believed to have the recipients much happier and they'll take good care of it.
Other benefit is that your-name engraved knives are easily identified in a kitchen of the restaurant.

[How to add engraving option to your order]
(1) Input the NAME for engraving into the box (up to SIX characters)

  If you have your own name in Kanji characters, please input it into the box.
  We dare to use the first or last name in your shipping information, if you did not input the name.

(2) Select the surface SIDE for engraving in the drop down menu.
  Your name text will be engraved on the best empty space to avoid the brand name or logo mark.

(3) Select the type of CHARACTER ("Kanji" or "English Alphabet") in the drop down menu.
  If you chose "Kanji", we'll select Kanji characters to best suit your name.

(4) Select one of the KNIFE in the list that you want to engrave.


[Additional Note]
- Engraving is available in Japanese Kanji characters and English alphabet.
- Laser engraving will be applied.
- The engraved name texts may become smaller depending on the length of the name you requested.
- A knife whose blade length is less than 150mm is unacceptable for this name engraving service.
- It takes more additional 2~7 days on handling time.
- Personalized engraved items are not accepted for return, replacement and cancellation.
- The Laser engraving is available to products up to USD1,000 per item.
  In case you ordered the engraving service for an item more than $1,000, we'd refund the engraving fee & automatically ship the item without engraving.
- The available knives for engraving service are as follows.

[Knife Selection available for Engraving]

i-4-chef-210mm-800.jpg  st-33l-chef-210mm-800.jpg
        Iseya Chef Knife 210mm [SC-I-4]       Sakai Takayuki Chef Knife 210mm [ST-07395]

i-2-petty-150mm-800.jpg  st-33l-petty-150mm-800.jpg
      Iseya Petty Knife 150mm [SC-I-2]         Sakai Takayuki Petty Knife 150mm [ST-07391]

tojiro-japanese-white-steel-yanagi-01b-800b.jpg  tojiro-japanese-white-steel-yanagi-01b-800c.jpg
      Tojiro Yanagiba 210mm [FJ-F-930]             Tojiro Yanagiba 270mm [FJ-F-909]

[Surface Side for Engraving]
- On the front side : The blade surface where the brand name or logo are engraved.
On the rear side The blade surface on the back of the front side.
- On the side selected by the store : We will choose the best side and position depending on the design of the blade.

Express & Secure Shipping Service

Most of countries in the world is likely to be available for our shipment. We have a lot of delivery experience to the listed countries

FedEx and EMS(Japan Post) are now available for Faster and more Secure delivery for your country.
Please check the expected delivery time  >>  JapanPost  |  FedEx 


  - The tracking number by Japan Post can be traced in a few days after shipment in a web site as follows,
        ""   or   "here"


- The tracking number by FedEx can be traced in a few days after shipment in a web site as follows,

- Please be noted the following in advance, because FedEx has a few requirement in some countries.
   (1) In the U.S. and Canada, delivery to any PO Box is unavailable by FedEx. If your address contains PO Box, we may ship by EMS(Japan Post).
   (2) In Russia, delivery to any personal address is often
unavailable. If your address is not enterprise, we may ship by EMS(Japan Post).





Hocho Knife

(You save $3.00 )
Maximum Purchase:
10 units