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Hattori KD30 COWRY-X 121 Layered Damascus

main Hattori KD30 COWRY-X 121 Layered Damascus

The Hattori 121 Layered KD30 Damascus series feature unsurpassed quality of performance and the highest consumer properties. 

The core cutting layer is made of COWRY X steel (contains 3% carbon, 0.3% vanadium, 1% molybdenum and 20% chrome) sandwiched with multi Nickel Stainless Damascus Steel on both side. 
Hattori KD - each knife is forged by hand - sharp, high-spirited, incredibly beautiful knives. 
The strength of KD blades reaches 63 points on the Rockwell scale. 

The handle on the knife is hand crafted out of black canvas-micarta, an odorless, enormously durable material made of resin and linen that will last decades.

KD knives are ergonomic, incredibly durable, do not require sharpening for a long time and can, without exaggeration, claim to be a work of art.

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