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Shigeki Tanaka 33-Layer R2(SG2) Damascus Habakiri

main Shigeki Tanaka 33-Layer R2(SG2) Damascus Habakiri

[General Features]
"Habakiri" by Shigeki Tanaka with the 33 Layered Damascus blade and it's beautiful design must impress you by the details of it's well calculated, meticulous design with a seriously sharp edge, excellent edge retention and a light center balanced feel.

This Japanese SG2 (Super Gold 2) micro carbide powder stainless steel is one of the hardest blade steel in the world, min.63 Rockwell scale(HRC).
That is enveloped by 16 layers on each side with soft and hard stainless steel, to create total 33 layer damascus pattern.
These masterpieces are carefully finished by the blacksmith Shigeki Tanaka for their top-rate cutting performance.
The series realize long-lasting performance due to their rustproof blades, bevelled on both sides, and waterproof handles, making them the first choice among professional chefs.

Some Michelin 3-star chefs in Europe gave a high marks to the Tanaka knives, and we recommend this high-class kitchen knife series for professional chefs to enhance their art of cooking as well as for Perfect Gift.

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