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Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Japanese Chef's Unagi-Saki 210mm KS1221

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[General Features]

Masamoto knives have been historically used as the Highest-Integrity Professional Chef Knife Brand in Japan (refer to the bottom of this page).
Masamoto "KS" Hon-Kasumi Gyokuhaku-ko (White Steel) series are made to put soft kitchen knife iron on traditional TAMA-HAGANE which is made with the much-treasured secret the materials of the iron selected carefully from Masago iron sand of the historical San-in district in Japan.
Sharpness, Soft usage feeling and Unparalleled durability supported by the experience through history of more than 100 years. The high carbon blade has extremely hard and sharp edge, but requires special care to avoid rusting and chipping.
The Buffalo Tsuba equipped to the handle is represent high-quality and excellent durability, that means made for professional originally. But it is highly recommended for Gift as well as for your better cooking experience.
(Please be noted that the buffalo tsuba (guard) is a natural product that possibly different from the image in color.)

[Product details] 
- Blade Steel Type: High Carbon Steel [Gyokuhaku-ko (White Steel)]

- Optional : Magnolia Saya Sheath with Masamoto Logo  >>Check Saya
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN

Item No.Model No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
MM-AMS-38-240KS0424Yanagiba(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)385mm (15.2in.)130gSingle edged
MM-AMS-38-270KS0427Yanagiba(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)428mm (16.9in.)190gSingle edged
MM-AMS-38-300KS0430Yanagiba(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)458mm (18.0in.)220gSingle edged
MM-AMS-38-330KS0433Yanagiba(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)491mm (19.3in.)260gSingle edged
MM-AMS-38-360KS0436Yanagiba(Sashimi)360mm (14.2in.)528mm (20.8in.)290gSingle edged
MM-AMS-39-240KS0124Takohiki(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)385mm (15.2in.)100gSingle edged
MM-AMS-39-270KS0127Takohiki(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)424mm (16.7in.)115gSingle edged
MM-AMS-39-300KS0130Takohiki(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)455mm (17.9in.)150gSingle edged
MM-AMS-39-330KS0133Takohiki(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)493mm (19.4in.)195gSingle edged
MM-AMS-39-360KS0136Takohiki(Sashimi)360mm (14.2in.)528mm (20.8in.)200gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-105KS2010Deba Knife105mm (4.1in.)232mm (9.1in.)90gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-120KS2012Deba Knife120mm (4.7in.)255mm (10.0in.)140gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-135KS2013Deba Knife135mm (5.3in.)279mm (11.0in.)180gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-150KS2015Deba Knife150mm (5.9in.)295mm (11.6in.)220gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-165KS2016Deba Knife165mm (6.5in.)314mm (12.4in.)280gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-180KS2018Deba Knife180mm (7.1in.)340mm (13.4in.)350gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-195KS2019Deba Knife195mm (7.7in.)358mm (14.1in.)390gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-210KS2021Deba Knife210mm (8.3in.)381mm (15.0in.)460gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-225KS2022Deba Knife225mm (8.9in.)400mm (15.7in.)540gSingle edged
MM-AMS-40-240KS2024Deba Knife240mm (9.4in.)425mm (16.7in.)650gSingle edged
MM-AMS-41-210KS2421Ai-Deba Knife210mm (8.3in.)367mm (14.4in.)290gSingle edged
MM-AMS-41-225KS2422Ai-Deba Knife225mm (8.9in.)330mm (13.0in.)330gSingle edged
MM-AMS-41-240KS2424Ai-Deba Knife240mm (9.4in.)400mm (15.7in.)400gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-180KS1218Unagi-Saki180mm (7.1in.)273mm (10.7in.)190gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-195KS1219Unagi-Saki195mm (7.7in.)299mm (11.8in.)240gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-210KS1221Unagi-Saki210mm (8.3in.)316mm (12.4in.)280gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-225KS1222Unagi-Saki225mm (8.9in.)333mm (13.1in.)310gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-240KS1224Unagi-Saki240mm (9.4in.)351mm (13.8in.)340gSingle edged
MM-AMS-42-255KS1225Unagi-Saki255mm (10.0in.)375mm (14.8in.)400gSingle edged
MM-AMS-43-180KS0618Usuba(Vegetable)180mm (7.1in.)326mm (12.8in.)180gSingle edged
MM-AMS-43-195KS0619Usuba(Vegetable)195mm (7.7in.)343mm (13.5in.)220gSingle edged
MM-AMS-43-210KS0621Usuba(Vegetable)210mm (8.3in.)365mm (14.4in.)230gSingle edged
MM-AMS-43-225KS0622Usuba(Vegetable)225mm (8.9in.)385mm (15.2in.)280gSingle edged
MM-AMS-43-240KS0624Usuba(Vegetable)240mm (9.4in.)401mm (15.8in.)330gSingle edged

[about Masamoto]

Over 150 years, Masamoto knives have been used as the Highest-Integrity Professional Chef Knife Brand in Japan. Their technique achieves No.1 Sushi Chef Knife Manufacturer name in Japan and also in the entire world. If you are a professional Sushi Chef, you must have heard the name of MASAMOTO at least once.
We highly recommend Masamoto Knives for your best cooking as well as GIFT for Anniversary, because it represents "The Premier Grand Gru" silently.

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Masamoto KS Honkasumi Gyokuhaku-ko Japanese Chef's Unagi-Saki 210mm KS1221


(You save $110.00 )