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Kitchen Sanitizer & Knife Antirustor "Rappla-Kun" Container Large White for Japanese Chef Knife Hygiene

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[General Features]
The container is developed for a Kitchen Sanitizer & Knife Antirustor "Rappla-Kun" which is widely used in Japanese kitchen to easily & effectively keep hygiene of both Western-style and Japanese-style knives (incl. Wa-bocho with wood handle). In addition, the safe chemical is used to shut out rust of any steel knife.
Simply dissolve the chemical in water and just soak the knives into it for strong Hygiene & Corrosion Control.

- Shut-out Rust, Bacteria and Virus only by soaking your knives.
- No daily rust-removal, edging polishing required.
- Cleaning and Eradication on Bacillus Coil, Campylobacter.
- Hard-water softener blended.
- Tasteless, Odorless, No Harmful chemical such as Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, Mercury included.
- Simple to use, save money and time!
* This agent stops progression of rust of steel effectively, but may not remove already-existing rust which should be sharpened with whetstone or polished with cleanser.

[Product details]
- Container for Kitchen Sanitizer & Knife Antirustor
- For up to 8 knives
Kitchen Sanitizer, Knife Antirustor and Knives are not included
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN

- Type & Color: Large White
- Size: 355 x 115 x H380 mm
- Weight: 500g

[How to use]
1.Take the required amount of chemical "Rappla-Kun" to the container.
  Volume: one spoon-full of the measure cup attached (approx. 10 grams) per 2 litter of water

2. Pour and stir the required amount of water in the container. The chemical will be dissolved soon.

3. Insert your knives in the container with the dedicated lid, and add water up to the edge of handle. 

4. Before and after you use the knives, rinse them off under running water.

5. Again, insert the knives in the container, and add water up to the edge of handle.
  The knives should be rinsed just after they are pulled out of the case, and before returned into the container to keep the knife free from any rust and bacteria.

6. Throw away the used solution, and clean the inside of the container.
  The used solution can be utilized in a sink to sanitize general cooking tools and dishes.
Check the details >

(A) Test Report of Rappla2-Kun
(B) Directions of rappla2-kun
(C) Material Safety Data Sheet of Container for Rappla-Kun

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Kitchen Sanitizer & Knife Antirustor "Rappla-Kun" Container Large White for Japanese Chef Knife Hygiene

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