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Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super Clad Nashiji RS Japanese Chef's Nakiri(Vegetable) 165mm with Black-Ring Round Handle

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[General Features]
Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super Clad Stainless Nashiji series feature beautiful NASHIJI(Pear skin finished) texture with a core of Blue Paper Super (Aogami Super) Steel with a better hardness of approx.65 HRC, which provides excellent edge retention.
The edge is specially formed like a clam (or HAMAGURI in Japanese), which shape helps release foods and cut smoothly.
The handle is made of Round-shaped Red Sandalwood with Plywood Bolster for beauty and durability.

[Product details]
- Brand Name: KINTARO by master blacksmith Mr. Kato
- Blade Steel : Blue Paper Super (Aogami Super) Core, Clad Stainless Steel, NASHIJI(Pear skin finished)
- Blade Edge : Double-Edged (50/50 balanced, available for left-handed-right-handed)
- Hardness Rockwell C scale (HRC) : approx.65
- Handle Material : Round-shaped Red Sandalwood with Plywood Bolster
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN
*** Please be noted that the hand crafted stock is extremely limited.
*** The images in this page are of the sample products. Colour, weight, pattern and size may differ because each product is handmade.
*** The logo of blacksmith on the blade is "Yoshimi" or "Kintaro" which may differ from the picture.

Item No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
KH-BSN-PT120-RSRPetty Knife(Utility)120mm (4.7in.)250mm (9.8in.)60gDouble edged
KH-BSN-PT150-RSRPetty Knife(Utility)150mm (5.9in.)275mm (10.8in.)70gDouble edged
KH-BSN-SA170-RSRSantoku Knife170mm (6.7in.)310mm (12.2in.)125gDouble edged
KH-BSN-BK170-RSRBunka Knife170mm (6.7in.)310mm (12.2in.)140gDouble edged
KH-BSN-VG165-RSRNakiri(Vegetable)165mm (6.5in.)305mm (12.0in.)180gDouble edged
KH-BSN-CH180-RSRGyuto Knife180mm (7.1in.)320mm (12.6in.)110gDouble edged
KH-BSN-CH210-RSRGyuto Knife210mm (8.3in.)360mm (14.2in.)155gDouble edged
KH-BSN-CH240-RSRGyuto Knife240mm (9.4in.)395mm (15.6in.)200gDouble edged
KH-BSN-SL270-RSRSlicer(Sujihiki)270mm (10.6in.)420mm (16.5in.)140gDouble edged

[about Yoshimi Kato (KINTARO)]
Mr. Yoshimi Kato, one of the most promising blacksmiths, received the certification of the traditional craftsmen on February 2008 and took over his father's company as KATO UCHI HAMONO (KATO Knife Manufacturing Inc.) at Takefu city, Fukui in 2018.
His father, Mr. Kintaro Kato started kitchen knife production in 1928 and founded his company KANEHIRO UCHI HAMONO in 1958. He was awarded the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Silver Rays in 1987. 

"Echizen" is the historical area in Fukui prefecture, including Takefu city, as one of Japanese important knife capitals.
The kitchen knives made in the Echizen is called Echizen Uchi Hamono. The art of making Japanese kitchen knives has a history of about 700 years.
Echizen Uchi Hamono is designated as "Traditional Crafts" by the Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry.

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Yoshimi Kato Aogami Super Clad Nashiji RS Japanese Chef's Nakiri(Vegetable) 165mm with Black-Ring Round Handle

Yoshimi Kato (KINTARO)

(You save kr416.15 )

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