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Tojiro Japanese-Style Shirogami White Steel Chef's Yanagiba(Sashimi) 240mm

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[General Features]
Tojiro and Fujitora is the excellent and popular brand for professional use by Fujitora, one of the excellent kitchen knife manufacturers in Niigata, Japan.
Traditional Japanese sword is the ancestor of this Shirogami (White) Hanage Steel Series.
The sword manufacturing technology created Tama-Hagane that is extremely pure iron no one had never seen.
The hagane is highly valued as Yasuki-Hagane, playing a key role to support Japanese knife culture and realizing Super Sharp Blade.
Shirogami or White Paper Steel in this Tojiro series is synonymous with the Yasuki-Hagane, best fit for cooking Japanese cuisine.

[Product details]
- Manufacturer : TOJIRO Co., ltd. (JAPAN)
- Blade Steel Type : Shirogami Steel (White Paper Steel)
- Handle Material : Magnolia Ho wood
- Knife Type : Yanagiba(Sashimi)
- Blade Length : 240mm (9.4in.)
- Total Length : 380mm (15in.)
- Weight : 125g
- Blade Edge : Single edged (for Right-handed persons)
- Brand NEW
- Made in JAPAN

Item No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
FJ-F-897Aji-Kiri105mm (4.1in.)220mm (8.7in.)75gSingle edged
FJ-F-898Aji-Kiri120mm (4.7in.)235mm (9.3in.)1000gSingle edged
FJ-F-899Deba Knife105mm (4.1in.)230mm (9.1in.)130gSingle edged
FJ-F-900Deba Knife120mm (4.7in.)245mm (9.6in.)165gSingle edged
FJ-F-901Deba Knife150mm (5.9in.)295mm (11.6in.)215gSingle edged
FJ-F-902Deba Knife165mm (6.5in.)315mm (12.4in.)270gSingle edged
FJ-F-903Deba Knife180mm (7.1in.)335mm (13.2in.)290gSingle edged
FJ-F-904Deba Knife210mm (8.3in.)365mm (14.4in.)385gSingle edged
FJ-F-905Deba Knife240mm (9.4in.)410mm (16.1in.)590gSingle edged
FJ-F-906Deba Knife270mm (10.6in.)450mm (17.7in.)665gSingle edged
FJ-F-937Sake-Kiri(Salmon Slicer)240mm (9.4in.)415mm (16.3in.)415gSingle edged
FJ-F-938Sake-Kiri(Salmon Slicer)270mm (10.6in.)455mm (17.9in.)515gSingle edged
FJ-F-939Sake-Kiri(Salmon Slicer)300mm (11.8in.)505mm (19.9in.)555gSingle edged
FJ-F-933Mioroshi Deba180mm (7.1in.)320mm (12.6in.)240gSingle edged
FJ-F-917Mioroshi Deba210mm (8.3in.)360mm (14.2in.)255gSingle edged
FJ-F-934Mioroshi Deba240mm (9.4in.)400mm (15.7in.)280gSingle edged
FJ-F-925Kai-Saki120mm (4.7in.)235mm (9.3in.)60gSingle edged
FJ-F-926Kai-Saki150mm (5.9in.)265mm (10.4in.)75gSingle edged
FJ-F-930Yanagiba(Sashimi)210mm (8.3in.)335mm (13.2in.)105gSingle edged
FJ-F-908Yanagiba(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)380mm (15.0in.)125gSingle edged
FJ-F-909Yanagiba(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)405mm (15.9in.)160gSingle edged
FJ-F-910Yanagiba(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)445mm (17.5in.)210gSingle edged
FJ-F-911Yanagiba(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)490mm (19.3in.)235gSingle edged
FJ-F-912Takohiki(Sashimi)240mm (9.4in.)375mm (14.8in.)110gSingle edged
FJ-F-913Takohiki(Sashimi)270mm (10.6in.)410mm (16.1in.)130gSingle edged
FJ-F-914Takohiki(Sashimi)300mm (11.8in.)445mm (17.5in.)140gSingle edged
FJ-F-915Takohiki(Sashimi)330mm (13.0in.)480mm (18.9in.)160gSingle edged
FJ-F-923Unagi-Saki100mm (3.9in.)210mm (8.3in.)85gSingle edged
FJ-F-916Unagi-Saki180mm (7.1in.)295mm (11.6in.)220gSingle edged
FJ-F-931Unagi-Saki210mm (8.3in.)335mm (13.2in.)270gSingle edged
FJ-F-932Unagi-Saki240mm (9.4in.)365mm (14.4in.)325gSingle edged
FJ-F-918Usuba(Vegetable)165mm (6.5in.)300mm (11.8in.)180gSingle edged
FJ-F-919Usuba(Vegetable)180mm (7.1in.)315mm (12.4in.)195gSingle edged
FJ-F-942Usuba(Vegetable)195mm (7.7in.)340mm (13.4in.)215gSingle edged
FJ-F-935Usuba(Vegetable)210mm (8.3in.)360mm (14.2in.)235gSingle edged
FJ-F-941Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)195mm (7.7in.)340mm (13.4in.)175gSingle edged
FJ-F-958Kamagata-Usuba(Vegetable)210mm (8.3in.)360mm (14.2in.)230gSingle edged

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*** Please be noted that it may take a few months to restock if the item should not be available.

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Tojiro Japanese-Style Shirogami White Steel Chef's Yanagiba(Sashimi) 240mm


(You save $13.00 )
SKU (Item No.):

69,508 chefs have already started cooking with HOCHO.