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Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef SP

main Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef SP

The Grand Chef SP series achieve the three important functions for the first time. Extra razor-sharp, very light and surprisingly durable.
The knife is 100% entirely made of this special highest-grade quality material by Bohler-Uddeholm with the lowest impurities, that is forged in Japan to get higher hardness about HRC 61~62. 
In addition to the better material, the blade is processed to get thinner for extra light weight.

So the knife lasts a very long time (longer than others!) as some professional chefs gave feedback,
"For the longer time I use it, I must have more understood the competitive advantage and sharpness durability and lightness of the Grand Chef."
In addition, the steel makes hard, sharp cutting edges with surprisingly easy re-sharpening, like Japanese traditional knives made of "Hagane".

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