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Sakai Takayuki GINKON Honyaki Ginsan

main Sakai Takayuki GINKON Honyaki Ginsan

This Sakai Takayuki GINKON is the top line of Honyaki Stainless blades --- honkyaki processed & mirror fimished made of Silver paper No.3 stainless steel. The Ginsan or Silver paper (Gingami) No.3 Steel knife is a fine Japanese Steel Company Hitachi's Special Stainless Steel which makes similar sharpness, edge retention as Carbon Steel. Sharpness, Soft usage feeling and Unparalleled durability with Rust-resistance supported by the experience through long history.

The blade is made through Japanese traditional Honyaki process in Sakai, so the edge gets very hard and retains its sharpness for a long time. Generally honyaki knives cannot be mass-produced and expensive, compared to other types of knives. They are primarily for professional chefs and are recognized the highest quality Japanese kitchen knives.

Speaking to the Ebony Wood handle, the Japanese-Style Octagonal figure fits better comfortably to your hand. The Buffalo Tsuba equipped to the handle represents high-quality and excellent durability, that means made for professional originally. 


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