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Misono 440 Hyper-Chrome Molybdenum Stainless PH

main Misono 440 Hyper-Chrome Molybdenum Stainless PH

[General Features]  
After years of fine tuning and consultation with professional chefs, Misono released the 440 series.  Professinal's demands are high level of quality control, rust resistance, cutting performance and easier to resharpen.  But these demamds are trade-off and difficult to find the knife which exactly fits well for all of them.  Misono successfully answered the difficult demands by this 440 series of high quality and basic design kitchen knives.

 [Product details]  
The new 16 Chrome Molybdenum steel in this line increases edge retention, rust resistance and is easy to sharpen.  Sub zero treated blades give added edge life and durability and the water resistant wood handles are comfortable and easy to grip.  The curved handles, blade design and center balance will not tire your hand even after long hours of use.  The handle is made of POM (polyoxymethylene) Resign that realises excellent durability, heat & water resistance, and antimicrobial effect.  

•Blade Steel Type : High 16 Chromium and Molubdenum Stainless steel
•Blade Edge Shape : Double Bevel Edge 70/30
•Hardness Rockwell C scale : 58-59
•Handle Material : POM (polyoxymethylene) Resign
•Brand NEW
•Made in JAPAN

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