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Brieto-M10PRO Dimpled MV Stainless

main Brieto-M10PRO Dimpled MV Stainless

[General Features]
Brieto-M10PRO kitchen knife series are produced by Kataoka that is one of the excellent kitchen knife manufacturers in Japan.
The blade is made of High Carbon Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless steel to enhance the hygiene with Rust-resistance.
The steel is treated by three stages of quenching from 1050degC, sub-zero treating to -73degC and tempering until the steel reaches a special hardness.
The surface of the blade has many dimples (called "Salmon" or "Depot") to reduce drag on proteins and help the blade glide through vegetables.
The handle is corrosion resistant made from compressed laminated black wood.

[Product details]
•Blade Steel Type: High Carbon Molybdenum-Vanadium Stainless Steel
•Handle  : Compressed Laminated Wood
•Brand NEW
•Made in JAPAN

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