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Yaxell YO-U bianco 3-Layer VG-10

main Yaxell YO-U bianco 3-Layer VG-10

[General Features] 
***** JAPAN LIMITED Version *****
The Yaxell YO-U knife series are offered exclusively on the Japanese domestic market  in response to Japanese quality-demanding customers' expectation.
This YO-U bianco blade, developed as the brother of the globally popular "MON",  is quite high quality knife, extremely sharp, hard, and durable for top-professional use.

The core material is VG10 "super stainless steel", which is clad (covered) by high quality stainless steel from both sides.
That is made of 3 layers VG10 (Cobalt-Molybdenum-Vanadium) Stainless Steel.
The sword wave line is clearly observed on the blade and the blade has an extremely sharp cutting angle and long cutting performance.

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