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Tojiro R2 SG2 Powdered High Speed Steel

main Tojiro R2 SG2 Powdered High Speed Steel

The R2 SG2 Powdered High Speed Stainless Steel series is one of the Premium and Professional Model.
The material has been used for production of cemented carbide cutting tool, and recently applied to the kitchen knives especially for professional chefs among the professional. 

The edge retention is more outstanding than VG10, Molybdenum Vanadium and so on.
Not only the edge can last significantly longer and is sharper than the DP, it is really what the improved grind and edge consistency that makes this line really stands out. 
It is thinner behind the edge and the out-of-the-box edge is finished one step better than the DP.

The material of Powdered High Speed Steel is hard, so Ceramic sharpening stone is recommended for speedy sharpening.
We recommend this high-class kitchen knife series for professional chefs to enhance their art of cooking as well as for Perfect Gift.

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