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Tojiro Japanese-Style Shirogami White Steel

[General Features]  
Traditional Japanese sword is the ancestor of this Shirogami (White) Hanage Steel Series.  The sword manufacturing technology created "Tama-Hagane" that is extremely pure iron no one had never seen.  The hagane is highly valued as "Yasuki-Hagane", playing a key role to support Japanese knife culture and realizing Super Sharp Blade.  "Shirogami" or White Paper Steel in this Tojiro series is synonymous with the "Yasuki-Hagane", best fit for cooking Japanese cuisine.

 [Product details]
•Manufacturer : Fujitora (JAPAN)
•Blade Steel Type: Shirogami Steel (White Paper Steel)
•Blade Edge : Single beveled for right-handed
•Handle Material: Ho wood handle
•Brand NEW
•Made in JAPAN

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