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SHAPTON JAPAN Professional Ceramic Coarse Whetstone #220 (Moss)

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[General Features]

SHAPTON JAPAN Professional Ceramic (HA NO KUROMAKU) Series subdivides a whetstone according to the kind and the quality of the material of an edged tool. The high-end ceramic whetstones investigated the grinding power, feeling of grinding and purpose by blending several sorts of selected compound products.The Professional series suite the various edged tool and purposes at each --- kitchen knives ,chef's knives, carpenter's tool, razor, and general cutleries.

The followings are the feature of the SHAPTON JAPAN Professional Ceramic Series,
(1) Can Grind Immediately ... it is not necessary to be submerged in water for a long time, since there are few stomata (because the rate of a grain and a bonding material is high).
   *** Do not leave the stone in water any longer than absolutely necessary.
(2) High Polish Power ... because the hard grains have a high percentage.
(3) Feeling of Natural Grinding ... adding new compound products realizes a feeling of a natural whetstone grinding.
(4 )Good Durability ... you can use longer than conventional waterstones, because there are few borders of a whetstone.
(5) No Stink ... no smell would be attached to an edged tool, because the whetstone is odor-free. Your knife can be used immediately after grinding in a kitchen etc.
(6) Less Deformed ... It is no necessary for a frequent surface correction by Nagura.
(7) Grinding Stand included ... The plastic case can be used as a good stand. After usage, please put the stone into inside for sanitary storage.
(8) Hard to Slip ... four urethane rubbers are attached to the bottom of the plastic case reverse side.

[Product details]

  • Stone Size : 210 x 70 x 15mm (8.3" x 2.8" x 0.6")
  • Brand NEW
  • Made in JAPAN

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SHAPTON JAPAN Professional Ceramic Coarse Whetstone #220 (Moss)


$60.99 $55.99
(You save $5.00)