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Misono MV Stainless Dimples(Salmon)

main Misono MV Stainless Dimples(Salmon)

[General Features]  
Misono is one of the most well-established knife producers of Western-style Japanese professional chef's knives for decades in Seki-city of Japanese sword capital with 800 years tradition.  
Their Molybdenum Steel Series are practical and standard selections at affordable price range.  This series are the most reasonably priced line in Misono, but the quality and finish are as good as other Misono lines with Misono's quality control without any compromises.  Blade is made of High carbon 13 Chrome Stainless Molybdenum Steel. Characteristic of this stainless steel is strong protection for the rust and the sharpness.  
Well balanced Black pakka wood handle comes with stainless bolster.  This series offer you comprehensive selection that meets with your variety of cutting tasks.

 [Product details]
•Blade Steel Type : High carbon 13 Chrome Molybdenum Stainless steel
•Blade Surface : Dimpled (Salmon)
•Handle Material : Black pakka wood
•Brand NEW
•Made in JAPAN

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