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Kanetsune KC-130 SG2 Powdered High Speed Steel

[General Features] 
KANETSUNE KC-130 series feature a hard core made of Super Gold 2 (SG2) Powdered High Speed Stainless Steel with hardness of 62 HRC, which provides excellent edge retention. This powdered high speed steel, premium and extremely hard material, has been used for production of cemented carbide cutting tool, and recently applied to the kitchen knives especially for the professional chefs in professional. 
The handles are made of black plywood with stainless steel bolsters for beauty and durability. 

KANETSUNE brand by Kitasho Co., Ltd. has been cultivated in the 800-year historical blade capital of SEKI city, Japan. The brand was named after the real well-known master swordsmith "Kanetsune" in the 14th century.

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    Kanetsune KC-130 SG2 Powdered High Speed Steel Japanese Chef's Santoku Knife 165mm