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Gift Wrapping and Message Card

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[General Features]
For your loved one, you can add a beautiful Gift Wrapping that features Japanese-inspired designs
and a Message Card.

[How to add wrapping option to your order]
(1) Add products (kitchen knives, wheatstones, tools and so on) into your Cart.

(2) Select one of the Wrapping Paper Designs below.

wrap-chiyo.jpg   wrap-kasumi.jpg
                          Chiyo-Red                                                      Kasumi

(3) Select one of the Texture of Message Card below.
card-texture01.jpg  card-texture02.jpg
                          Texture 01                                                     Texture 02

(4) Select one of the message (to be printed on the Message Card) in the drop down menu.
 If you need your own message, select "Others" in the drop down menu
 and leave the concrete message into the comment box of the order after checking out.
 One message card will be inserted in your order even if more than one product should be wrapped.
 < Example >
 card-ex011.jpg  card-ex021.jpg

(5) Choose the number of wrapping.
 Up to three products in your cart can be wrapped without any additional fee by default.
 Please increase the number of this wrapping for every three products to be wrapped.
 You can increase it at the drop down menu. 
    for example,
   1~3 products in your Cart to be wrapped  -------- "1"
   4~6 products in your Cart to be wrapped  -------- "2"

[Additional Note]
*If you need to specify which product you need to wrap, 
  please leave your direction into the comment box of the order after checking out.

*In case that you ordered only this wrapping option without ordering any products, 
  we're afraid that we would have no choice but to cancel this wrapping order. 
 Thank you for kind understanding.

*Please allow the possibility that the customs office may open the wrapping and
 check the contents in the parcel by law. We don't cover such a damage for the customs check.

*We do careful wrapping and packing for your order as much as we can,
 but please understand that any wrapping can be damaged during the international delivery.

Finally, we sincerely hope that your Gift will make your loved one to be happier!

Express & Secure Shipping Service

Most of countries in the world is likely to be available for our shipment. We have a lot of delivery experience to the listed countries

FedEx and EMS(Japan Post) are now available for Faster and more Secure delivery for your country.
Please check the expected delivery time  >>  JapanPost  |  FedEx 


  - The tracking number by Japan Post can be traced in a few days after shipment in a web site as follows,
        ""   or   "here"


- The tracking number by FedEx can be traced in a few days after shipment in a web site as follows,

- Please be noted the following in advance, because FedEx has a few requirement in some countries.
   (1) In the U.S. and Canada, delivery to any PO Box is unavailable by FedEx. If your address contains PO Box, we may ship by EMS(Japan Post).
   (2) In Russia, delivery to any personal address is often
unavailable. If your address is not enterprise, we may ship by EMS(Japan Post).




Gift Wrapping and Message Card

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