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FOREVER Hybrid Silver Titanium Dimpled

*** Silver Titanium Alloy Knives are said to have better Antibacterial Effects against COVID-19 because of silver ion power ***
FOREVER silver titanium dimple knife series is perfect for effortlessly cutting almost anything through raw fish, vegetables, meats, fruits, cheeses and more.

Because this multipurpose chef's knife features a super-razor-sharp blade made from stainless titanium-silver alloy and an ergonomic handle design with being very light in weight.
The titanium-silver alloy is highly durable and holds its edge much better (5 times at a test by Katra, Inc. U.K.) than steel while at the same time being corrosion resistant. It leaves no metallic taste and won’t discolor food.
Silver ion is recognized to have a power of better antibacterial effects against virus, bacteria and mold.Highly recommended for hygienical kitchen environment.

Titanium is recognized as a safe metal that poses no health risks: it is hypoallergenic (highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and biocompatible (not harmful or toxic). The material is used in dental implants, artificial bones, surgical instruments, frames for glasses and, increasingly, jewellery.

Never worry about this knife rusting even in salt water or fruit acids. Of course it is dishwasher safe.
The titanium-silver alloy and integrated dimples in the blade help to prevent food from sticking. The knife will allow you to cut faster, easier and more frustration free.

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