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Yaxell YO-U bianco 3-Layer VG-10 Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm

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[General Features] 
***** JAPAN LIMITED Version *****
The Yaxell YO-U knife series are offered exclusively on the Japanese domestic market  in response to Japanese quality-demanding customers' expectation.
This YO-U bianco blade, developed as the brother of the globally popular "MON",  is quite high quality knife, extremely sharp, hard, and durable for top-professional use.

The core material is VG10 "super stainless steel", which is clad (covered) by high quality stainless steel from both sides.
That is made of 3 layers VG10 (Cobalt-Molybdenum-Vanadium) Stainless Steel.
The sword wave line is clearly observed on the blade and the blade has an extremely sharp cutting angle and long cutting performance.

[Special Production Process]
Yaxell blades are heated in a kiln to a very high temperature and then ice-hardened.
They are then tempered again at a high temperature to make the blade strong, durable and corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance.

The handle is so easy to grip and it's weight is very well balanced.
It is constructed of FDA approved black canvas-micarta, an odorless, enormously durable material made of resin and linen that will last decades.
The end of the handle is stainless steel, which gives the knife outstanding stability.

[About Yaxell]
Yaxell - TOP quality brand in Japan since 1932, combining the best of advanced technology
with unsurpassed Japanese blade knowledge and expertise handed down from generation to generation for centuries.
Manufacturer recommends sharpening with the Yaxell Gou Sharp Pro knife sharpener, a Japanese water stone, or a diamond steel honed for sharpening.

[Product Details] 
Bevel : Double Beveled for Both Right-handed and Left-handed

Brand NEW
Made in JAPAN

Item No.Item NameBlade LengthTotal LengthWeightBlade Edge
YX-31240Gyuto Knife210mm (8.3in.)340mm (13.4in.)180gDouble edged
YX-31241Santoku Knife165mm (6.5in.)295mm (11.6in.)160gDouble edged
YX-31242Dimpled Santoku Knife180mm (7.1in.)315mm (12.4in.)170gDouble edged
YX-31243Santoku Knife145mm (5.7in.)255mm (10.0in.)110gDouble edged
YX-31244Petty Knife(Utility)120mm (4.7in.)225mm (8.9in.)90gDouble edged
YX-31257Bread Slicer230mm (9.1in.)375mm (14.8in.)160gDouble edged

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Yaxell YO-U bianco 3-Layer VG-10 Japanese Chef's Gyuto Knife 210mm


(You save $19.00 )