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Tojiro-PRO DP 3Layered VG10 Stainless Japanese Chef's Santoku Knife 170mm

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[General Features]
*We're pleased to announce that TOJIRO has developed  the new version with "FUJITORA" logo for Japanese domestic market, in response to Japanese quality-demanding customers' expectation. The product itself (specification and material) is the same as the old "F-xxx" version with "TOJIRO" logo,except its logo printing only.
Therefore please be noted that the new "FU-xxx" version may be automatically substituted (& shipped) for your ordering item in case that "F-xxx" version is out of stock.

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"Tojiro" , A Pioneer of Stainless Handle with 3 Layers Blade in Japan.This "PRO DP" series are made by top level Japanese Process so that they have higher Quality and are very popular in Western countries such as Europe and United States.
The all stainless Japanese knives are made with an inner core of VG-10 stainless steel sandwiched between a layer of softer stainless for an exceptionally sharp and smooth cutting experience.

Moisture-resistant grip is designed for long-time comfort and better control to resist slip with water or oil.
Integrated handle of stainless steel with "Tornade Pattern" is quite sanitary, easy for sterilizing bacteria by hot water.
It is the all-around multi-tasking blade and great for so many jobs.

[Product details]

  • Manufacturer : TOJIRO Co., ltd. (JAPAN)
  • Blade Steel Type: VG-10(Core), Cobalt Alloy Steel by 3-Layers Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge : Double-Edged (50/50 balanced, available for left-handed-right-handed)
         *Except Boning(F885) and Bread Slicer(F629) for Single Edged.
           See the attached table below.
  • Handle Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Brand NEW
  • Made in JAPAN

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Tojiro-PRO DP 3Layered VG10 Stainless Japanese Chef's Santoku Knife 170mm


(You save $19.00 )

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