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Sakai Takayuki Dedicatory Honyaki Water Quench

This Dedicatory Honyaki Water Quench Mirrored series is one of the TOP line of Sakai Takayuki brand that has been cultivated through a long 600-year history by skilled craftsmen in Sakai, Japan.
The beautifully textured crescent moons on the blade are made during Japanese traditional sword honyaki process by a skillful blacksmith.

The mirror finished Shiroko or White Paper (Shirogami) No.2 Steel Knife is made from famous Yasugi steel, known as prime high carbon steel, specifically developed for tools and knives. 
Its blade is made through Honyaki process, so the edge gets very hard and retains its sharpness for a long time.
The honyaki knives cannot be mass-produced. They are primarily for professional chefs and for the most important person because of the highest quality traditional-style Japanese knives.

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