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Damascus Kitchen Chef Knives

damascus kitchen knives
Damascus pattern gives off a mystique from its own elegant pattern, toughness, and durability.

Please imagine that your kitchen knives have more aesthetic appeal as well as sharpness and durability, they're sure to get an additional value for excellent gift, collection and cooking before people. Kitchen knives with beautiful DAMASCUS pattern are believed at the forefront in the world.

The followings are picked up for those who are looking for the damascus kitchen chef knives.

Recommended Damascus Blades 


ISEYA sakai takayuki


  Iseya Damascus & Hammered Sakai Takayuki Damascus & Hammered   



Yaxell YO-U Damascus miyako


  Yaxell YO-U Damascus Miyako (Shikisai) Damascus    


  (1) Damascus & Hammered Texture


sakai-takayuki-33-layers yo-u-37l-hammered sakai takayuki 45L traditional

Iseya Damascus(33L) & Hammered

Sakai Takayuki Damascus(33L) & Hammered

Yaxell YO-U 37 Layers VG-10 Damascus(37L) & Hammered

Sakai Takayuki Damascus(45L) & Hammered Japanese-style Handle


(2) High-Density Damascus


Sakai Takayuki Damascus 63 layers yo-u-69L tkt-logo.jpg
Yaxell YO-U High-Density Damascus(101L) Sakai Takayuki High-Density Damascus(63L)   Yaxell YO-U High-Density Damascus(69L)
Tamahagane Kyoto High-Density Damascus(63L) and Banboo-style Handle


  (3) Damascus & Stylish Feature


iseya-g-series-logo-01-250x250.jpg Kanetsune japanese Style Damascus ryusen-tangonryu.jpg
Miyako (Shikisai) Damascus(33L) & Stylish Handle   Iseya Damascus(33L) & Jihei-Design  

Kanetsune Damascus(11L) Japanese-style Handle

Ryusen Tanganryu Damascus(33L) & Hammered



Damascus steel was said first developed and used in Ancient South India and the Indian steelmaking technology was superior and was spread to Middle East. And the steel was highly esteemed and the blade was passed down by dynastic hidden treasure. But today, the original method of producing Damascus steel is not known or lost.

Despite this, beautiful Damascus texture has successfully been reproduced by using the latest forging technology, process and materials that might be different from the Indian original one.

Especially Japan has developed its own excellent manufacturing method in forging of Katana (or Swords) and Kitchen knives (or Sushi knives), and it was successfully applied to the extraordinary sharp and beautiful Damascus blades. Therefore we’d be more than happy to introduce these Damascus knives made in Japan.

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